Cook Your Catch

bring in your fresh catch and we'll be glade to prepare it numerous ways. We do it right... Family style. We will even show youways to cook fish, venison or game that will make you say,"Why didn't I think of that.Fish on Fire is home to Orlando’s only  “COOK YOUR CATCH” special. Our motto is” u hook’em, wheeeeeel cook’em”.

Bring us your cleaned, fresh catch, and our chefs will prepare you and your guests classic preparations, as well as dishes with a FOF twist. We’ve even had wild game brought in for the coolest surf and turf ever.

You can request recipes like Tacos, Fish on Fire, Blackened, Key West, Caribbean Jerk, Dublin Lawyer Sauce, Onion Encrusted, Sweet Chili and so much more.

We plate it up family style with sides and condiments, made for sharing, at our Captains Table.